Based in Bamako, Mali, Awa work is focused on the valorization of the local craft she translates in a modern way. The philosophy of the brand is to preserve the local handmade creativity in order to have an added value and to improve the living conditions of the artisans she works with. Each piece is unique, made with passion and tells a different story. The process is in the heart of our narrative. We pay attention to small details, to impact, to rethink, to renew and to rediscover our capacity to act on a global scale. Each collection is produced on small quantity. All the designs, made out of handwoven cotton or recycled leather are 100% made in Bamako, in limited editions.

The artisans we work with are empowered by their own knowledge and skills they have learned from different generations. And the confidence they have make them open to learn more.

The brand is contemporary inspired and the making is with traditional technics and tools.The main goal is stay eco-conscious with natural colors, hand-dyed in the spirit of slow fashion. The pieces are timeless.